Djinn Djinni


The Resonance

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Djinn Djinni are;

Simon van Weelden infinite guitar and drums

Pi-Qui Baltink guitar and singing

Erna Berendsen guest vocals on Insight, The Resonance

We like to improvise and create from scratch.

We played on festivals in the past and hope to do the same again.

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“Simon van Weelden and Pi-Qui Baltink are Djinn Djinni. Some people reviewed the music as magnetic, mysterious, strange, hypnotic, tranquilizing, weird, alien. While others cannot stand it.

December 6, 2021

For example this reviewer wrote "Sounds like a European club songs band." No Kate Perry, Adele, Gaga or Whinehouse cloning for us. Back to what music really is, the meeting of creative minds, and, as an exponent of these minds new music.”

W.Rozendal - Djinn Djinni reviewed.

June 15, 2015

Another one writes "The opening guitar solo is very inspiring and beautifully crafted. Being a guitarist myself I appreciate a good session of solo guitar" Simon and Pi-Qui want to make real music, not the muzak the current music industry puts on the radio or tv.


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May 30

Anti Apartheid Israel concert

Aaarg studios

May 15

Anti Joe Biden concert

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May 1-3

Anti Zionism meeting

April 23


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Zionist fascist Apartheid Israel and warmonger USA and the genocide of innocent Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank

  1. The US approves to transfer to Israel of 1000 kilogram bombs and jets worth 3.8 billions to facilitate the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.
  2. Even as those hypocrites from Washington publicly expresses "concerns" about an anticipated Israeli military offensive in Rafah. and the tens of thousands murdered by the Zionist fascist IDF of Benjamin "genocide" Netanyahu they help to facilitate this atrocity.
  3. The new arms packages include more than 1,800 MK-84 2,000lb bombs and 500 MK-82 500lb bombs, to perform the genocide of Palestinians and Arabs in the Middle East as fast as possible.
  4. The US has been rushing air defenses and munitions to Israel, the Biden administration’s steadfast support of Israel shows what the USA really is. A warmonger and country full of liars and colonial murdered.
  5. The Europen colonists murdered 58 million native Americans in the past, not to forget its institutional racism against
  6. black people, the murder of MLK and Malcolm X.
  7. A superpower who is just like Putin or Xi, the US doesn't give a damn about human rights, democracy or human lives.
  8. The hypocrite Joe Biden and his double talk on Friday acknowledged “the pain being felt” by many Arab Americans over the war in Gaza and over US support for Israel and its military genocidal offensive.
  9. I am waiting for the day that Israel is eradicated from the surface of this planet and I hope that Arab states finally will go to war against both countries, the USA and Israhell.
  10. Update;
  11. The murderers from the Zionist fascist Israeli military say they did not carry out an airstrike on a vehicle carrying UN observers in southern Lebanon on Saturday, 30 March 2024. we all know Zionists from Israel are liars as well as the US. They are real buddies.
  12. Of course the White House declined comment on the weapons transfers or the Israeli strikes. Pi-Qui

The Israeli IDF Palestinian child murderers.

  1. The Israeli IDF Palestinian child murderers. Snipers from the Israeli military are deliberately murdering Palestinian children in Gaza. And Israel keeps lying, whether it is about UNWRA, or the resistance movement Hamas, this is a war Putin style. Tell the Big Lie and follow the example of Adolf Hitler or Donald "scammer" Trump. Its the new normal.
  2. And the IDF says it ‘completely rejects’ charge that its soldiers deliberately fired on any of the thousands of civilians killed in Israeli offensive. We have this example Shireen Abu Akleh April 3, 1971 – May 11, 2022 was a prominent Palestinian-American journalist who worked as a reporter for 25 years for Al Jazeera, before she was deliberately killed by an Zionist Israeli soldier while wearing a blue press vest and covering a raid on the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank. The IDF denied killing her, but later the truth was exposed. Tens of videos have surfaced where the Zionist fascist Jews from the IDF murder Palestinians carrying food aid, or palestinian women carrying white flags. They are just a few of the atrocities performed by the Mob called IDF.
  3. Mass-murderer Benjamin "genocide" Netanyahu promises to use this new law to censor or shut down foreign news networks, aka networks who reveal the truth about the massacre and genocidal operations performed by fascist apartheid Israel.
  4. The hypocrite White House; "The freedom of the press is important. And if those reports are true, it is concerning to us.” It's utter bullshit.
  5. The war on Gaza and the security failures by the Mossad were deliberate, October 7 is used to perform the genocide against Palestinians and Arab. I know and may with me know who the real terrorists are. Zionist Jews from apartheid Israel.
  6. The colonial way of reporting the genocide performed by apartheid Israel in Palestine is completely biased. The massacre and atrocities performed by the Zionist fascist IDF of Israel, and its PM Benjamin #genocide"Netanyahu, is barbaric, savage and even worse than the Holocaust performed by the Nazi's on Jews performed in World War II.
  7. So it is interesting to read what is happening at ABC Australia, journalists took action, Quote; "“We’re worried the language we’re using in our coverage is askew, favoring the Israeli narrative over objective reporting. This is evident in our reluctance to use words such as ‘War crimes’, ‘Genocide”, ‘Ethnic cleansing’, ‘Apartheid’ and ‘Occupation’ to describe the various aspects of the Israeli practices in Gaza and the West Bank, even when the words are attributed to respectable organisations like UNWRA or the UN and sources, signed “Concerned ABC journalists and staff” and addressed to “managers and colleagues”.
  8. More; “ Meanwhile, we’re quick to use ‘terrorist’, ‘barbaric’, ‘savage’ and ‘massacre’ when describing the October 7th attacks. Similarly, we regularly quote sources referring to highly contested claims made by apartheid Israel, but not those made by Palestinians and their supporters.”
  9. “This is especially the case as we are far more comfortable in labeling the resistance movement Hamas’s actions as ‘terrorism’ but do not correctly describe the apartheid Zionist fascist Israeli aggression in the region,” the journalists said.
  10. “We mention the number of Israeli hostages in many stories, but we never mention the number of Palestinian prisoners in Israel, the torture by jail personnel, the rape of Palestinian women, the murder of Palestinian children, the poisoning of water wells by Israeli settlers., the biological warfare since 1948 against Arabs and Palestinians”
  11. Its a totally biased way of reporting that has nothing to do with what is really happening in Gaza and Westbank.
  12. What the US does? The US is totally complicit in the genocide of Palestinians, guilty is the verdict on Joe Biden.
  13. Connect the Dots like Julian Assange did of Wikileaks, he exposed the real USA and its murder of Reuter journalists in Iraq. Pi-Qui